Why Feedni?

Amazon is the best replacement for products catalogues. Remember the catalogues? Deliveroo is a great example for food delivery marketplace and has replaced the need for restaurants to send out flyers and coupons.

So, what’s the marketplace for services that you can think of right now? It is simple, there is none in the UAE, or in the region. Service providers like Rizek and Urban Company do offer a wide variety of services. However, they are not a marketplace. In fact, they, like any other service provider, can join marketplaces.

So, why isn’t there a proper service marketplace? There are legitimate reasons, and we think we cracked them at Feedni.

We had to think like a service provider to be able to come up with the solutions, and we needed to be well-versed in digital transformations and mobile technologies to be able to match the two together.

As business transformation technology company, Feedni did exactly that, and it now has its products in the app stores. One indicator that we were on the right track, is that more 30 businesses with more than 500 service providers have signed up PRIOR to the release of the Feedni app. They were excited about the prospects of our solutiosn as much as we were!

In the month leading to the release, these partnerships allowed us to enhance our platform while it’s still on the design boards, and has allowed us to produce the best apps out there to get all service providers and their clients up on the cloud with all other businesses.

Feedni, in its (Minimal Viable Product) MVP version, has simple interfaces, multilingual UIs, payment handling for all, bios and galleries, ratings and badges, business analytics, calendar management, advanced booking controls, client management and much more. The next iteration of our platform will take the game to a whole new level.