Press Release: Feedni is Open for Business

Abu Dhabi – UAE

Feedni, a technology company headquartered at ADGM – UAE, completes development of the first phase of its service marketplace platform. This important milestone allows Feedni to register and onboard service providers to be showcased on the Feedni apps and outlets when it gets launched.

Over the brief period of 2 months, Feedni has concluded 20 partnership agreements with businesses in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, with many more interested businesses pending. Feedni will work with its partners to onboard more than 500 individual providers, and have them ready to offer their services at launch.

The Feedni platform is designed to empower businesses in the educational, professional and medical sectors, by allowing them to manage their clients, staff, contractors and services digitally, remotely, and on the-go.

Feedni’s innovations redefine the space between skill-based businesses, freelancers and their clients, with a an aim at maximinzing speed, efficiency and quality, as well as, reducing costs and maximizing profits.

For businesses, Feedni is here to level the playing field; Registration on the Feedni platform is free. Businesses will be able to download the apps, enlist their employees and use a massive array of features at no cost at all. Feedni will only charge competitive commissions on successful bookings and sales. Feedni calls on all businesses and freelancers to join its platform and embrace the new era of doing business.

For the public, Feedni made it its mission to enhance the experience of acquiring services at every stage; From registration to browsing, communications to contracting, and from delivery to ratings. Feedni will take care of the heavy work, allowing businesses to focus on what matters the most to their clients; getting quality services delivered efficiently.

For government entities and authorities, Feedni offers itself as a partner to accelerate adoption of government services such as licensing, provide quality analytics and insights into the business environment within each jurisdiction, and assist in the implementation of new mass guidelines and regulations. Feedni found a home and a thriving environment at ADGM, and in return, it would dedicate additional resources and attention to corporations and businesses within.

About Feedni

Feedni is a tech-start-up, incorporated at Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) – Abu Dhabi – UAE, and with presence in Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC). The word Feedni “فيدني” comes from the common and loose pronunciation of the Arabic word “افدني” /a-fi:d-ni:/, which means “help me” from a value perspective, and not necessarily monetary. It is a common word that is used and understood by many in the Arab region across the accents.

Born in UAE, Feedni aspires to become a global technology leader, and the benchmark platform to the service industry.

Feedni is a registered trademark in the UAE and the EU, with a pending application in the USA.

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